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Get your European Drone Licenses

At Copteruni you can do it completely ONLINE. 


Your career as a drone pilot starts here: With the "Proof of completion of the online training".

The smallest license for unmanned aircraft you can get is the license for subcategory A1/A3 within the open category. The official name for this is the "Proof of completion of the online training".
You need this license as soon as the maximum takeoff mass (MTOM) of your drone is greater than 250g. This allows you to fly with lighter systems (up to 900g - class C1) even quite close to humans, but also to fly with systems up to 25kg at a great distance from humans and residential areas without needing an operational authorisation.

You can do the preparation and the exam completely online at your national aviation authority.


The Next Step: Get the "Remote Pilot Certificate of Competency"!

If you want to fly unmanned aerial vehicles between 900g and 4 kg (C2 class drones) up to 5m from humans, you need at least the license of subcategory A2 of the open category. The official name is "Remote pilot certificate of competency". Here you can also fly without an operational authorisation. With us you can do the preparation and the exam completely online!
What are you waiting for? Get your A2 license now!


You need to fly in the Specific Category? Then we have perfectly tailored Flight Trainings for you!

For most professional drones pilots, the day comes when they are no longer allowed to fly in the open category. For example, because they want to shoot with a heavy cinema camera in the heart of the city. Or during a pipeline inspection where you have to fly beyond visual line of sight (BVLOS).
In all these cases you have to fly in the Specific Category.
The training required for this is based on the planned mission. With our training modules for the Specific Category, you can put together your own customized training. 
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